1. Respect admins
  2. Respect everyone
  3. Use double brackets or /me for out of character
  4. /me is also how to do actions
  5. No Spam
  6. No metagaming or godmodding
  7. No autohitting or killing someones character without consent.
  8. No unreadable colors or quirks. If you are unsure if your color/quirk is unreadable, just check in with one of the mods.
  9. No nsfw. Kissing or whatever is fine, but nothing too far. Take it to a pm.
  10. Do not break the 4th wall. You will be kicked.
  11. Don't impersonate someone else's character.
  12. No memo advertisement. It's rude honestly. If you want to promote yourself just pm.
  13. Please only do things that make sense for the character and nothing that will cause a massive change to the world. If you have something that will change the setting, check in with one of the mods first, please.