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Welcome to Lavender Grove! Lavender Grove is meant to be a fun, friendly community for a variety of roleplayers to gather. The area where people gather is in the center of the map; it's the place that's usually referred to when people say "Lavender Grove". It's a medium to large-sized plaza where all sorts of species can meet and befriend one another! In the center is a large fountain streaming plenty of clear, clean water. There's a path, lightly shadowed by pale lavender-colored branches that leads to a cul de sac where many of our regulars live. Surrounding Lavender Grove is what the plaza is named after; a grove of oddly-lavender-colored flora. They surround and add to the beauty of the plaza, and the trees and larger flora get sparser the further from Lavender Grove one goes. Eventually, all the trees and bushes are gone and all that's left is a soft, serene meadow called "Dulcet Meadow". Southeast of Lavender Grove is Sajo Lake; a lake of considerable size filled with calm water that is so clear you can see the many colorful shells that line the lake floor. Not many people leave the plaza, but when they do they are greeted with nothing but beautiful, oddly-colored nature.

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